Frequency asked question

where can you go to mint?

Minting is over as of January 16. However you can check out secondary markets, such as and

How do you determine rarity?

We have no rarity scale, we hope that the community can explore their worlds and tell their stories to value each world.

Do you guys have a roadmap?

Our roadmap is as follows:
October: Website Live, Initial Launch, Community Built Narrative
November: Worlds Within Explorer, Wallet Integration
Q1 2022: Marketplace, Avatar System, UI System
Q2 2022: Multiplayer. (Please understand implementing this will take time, and we will be seeking insight and communicating with the community, specifically for building a small multiplayer ability. Our plan is for users to host their own private or public session)

What is claiming your role in the discord

Its a way to show off how many worlds each user owns. As well as for our team to show our appriciation for the Worlds Within holders.

How to claim your role in the Worlds within discord

You can put all the wallets in the channel "claim your role" that contains the Worlds Within NFTs that you own.

If you have a specific question that you want to ask our team, you can pull a ticket in our support channel, or ask in our help desk channel in the discord.