Worlds within

about our project

The goal with Worlds Within is to give users the ability to explore, find new lands, and discover new worlds. We are adding a social narrative component to the project which will be started in the Worlds Within discord. Tell us about your adventures and show us what you have seen in your world. We want users to be able to create their own stories about the 40,000 unique NFTs. Your stories define our project, your stories write the narrative for the future of Worlds Within.

cardano blockchain

Worlds Within are a cardano blockchain NFT

VR ready

The NFTs can we viewed, in VR. They can also be used on PC and mobile devices

13k were minted

Our minting ended on January 16, with 13,000 Worlds being minted

the future

The Future of Worlds Within is one that we hope our community can help us build. We are currently working on Avatars, Multiplayer, a UI system and a Marketplace for Cardano Metaverse based assets.


There will be a marketplace connected to the explorer, where you can buy and sell Worlds.


The goal of the Avatar system is to allow users to upload their favorite NFTs to use as in game avatars.

UI system

We will be updating the website to change the way you interact and view your world.


Multiplayer is the first step in the future of the ever expanding community built ecosystem of Worlds Within.

Stay connected

Join the Worlds Within community to stay imformed on our next adventures.