Genesis Crate

Khaos Factions

Looking for a thrilling first-person shooter game that integrates blockchain technology? Look no further than Khaos Factions! This browser-based game uses the innovative Cardano blockchain for its collectible assets, offering players an exciting and eco-friendly gaming experience.

What sets Khaos Factions apart from other games is its use of blockchain technology. We chose Cardano because it's more eco-friendly and built to last longer than other blockchain platforms. Plus, the fees associated with the network are minimal, so players can easily transact and create without breaking the bank. If you have an explorer, you'll automatically unlock 8 other characters in the game, making gameplay even more exciting.

We've also introduced rare camos, tracers, and attachments to keep the game updated and to continue building it on a perpetual basis. So why wait? Join the fun and start playing Khaos Factions today!

What's inside the crate

Opening a Generation One crate in Chaos Factions can yield three different types of NFTs, each with unique items inside. The first type includes a weapon and accessory, while the second type offers a chance to obtain a weapon skin, tracer, attachment, or camo. The weapons utilize a CIP 68 system allowing users to attach and detach different attachments, camos, and tracers, enabling players to create a personalized look. With a wide range of attachments and skins available, players can update their weapons to unlock their favorites. This feature makes Khaos Factions an innovative and exciting game for collectors and gamers alike.


On the day of the mint, May 25th, we will provide a link to the minting page. Be on the lookout for announcements on that day, either on our socials or Discord!

Regarding minting:

-If you burn a Khaos Faction Crate, you will receive a 25 ADA discount during the minting process.

-If you do not have a Khaos Faction Crate but have an Original Worlds Within NFT, you will receive a 15 ADA discount.

-You can still mint without a Khaos Faction Crate or an Original Worlds Within NFT.

*Please note one discount per mint


125 ADA
Total crate amount: 5000

Minting Live 7pm UTC / 2pm CST


When the Khaos Factions makes their link (see below for example)
-$youradahandle/address -
every time someone makes a purchase with this link, the ada handle is rewarded!

Check out the NFT Drops calender to stay informed on the date of our mint.